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Bundaberg Regional Council have notified us that roadworks starting the week of Monday 10th July (next week) will involve moving our driveway entrance approximately 10m from where it is now towards the cemetery. Signage will be in place.
We appreciate getting the heads up from the council and they will continue to update us as we are affected by the works.

The development of the roundabout and Eggmolesse st will create a much better entrance into our car park. Once finished there will be more parking each side of Eggmolesse st, and along Fitzgerald st. BSA will have new car parking out the front. Our side driveway will have parking as it does now and we will have parking along the back fence of our property. A new driveway will be installed during the phase of the roundabout roadworks.
At times when our entrances are affected please allow an extra few minutes so you are not rushing to make your lessons.
Remember we have car parks through the back gate and a safety fence to stop children running out in the back car park.
We will keep you up to date as we are notified of changes.

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