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It’s Official – reduced 2nd lesson fee price to stay

It’s official……our second lesson fee will stay at the current reduced price until further notice. We know that studies show that children who swim all year round and have more than one lesson per week learn faster. This in turn gives your child confidence not just to swim but to swim strongly.

If a child has one 30 minute lesson per week for the summer months ….say 26 weeks of the year that is 13 hours of learning. If they have two lessons per week for 51 weeks of the year 51 hours of learning. They will learn faster and in the long run save families money.

The golden rule is for every week after two weeks out of the water children need to remember and often re-learn skills to get back to where they were before their break. That is why it is so important for swim schools and parents to work together to provide practice opportunites too. Whether it is at the beach , in the bath, in your own pool or dam. The more a child learns there autonomy with water the more comfortable they will be learning to swim.

BSA does their bit by allowing familes free swimming on the day of their lesson. By having a water park for the children to be able to play in after their lesson, by offering reduced cost entry on other days and by allowing make up vouchers to be used for the family to come in at the weekend.

We have levels the children can acheive. It is important to recognise a child’s achievement and to promote them when they are ready. They love receiving their certificates, showing their parents and friends.  Some parents tell us they have kept the certificates from when they were swimming.

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