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NZ 2015 – A Trip Like No Other

Firstly we would like to apologize for the Day 4 report going missing. The managers were unable to access the website not because of any website error but due to operational issues. When this trip started 11 years ago sleep was not as important as it is now.

Congratulations to Kyanna for earning a bronze medal in the 200m Backstroke. Also congratulations to the team for winning the PB challenge. Dinner choices are on them.

Day 7 = day 5 of swimming.

The tears were flowing in the car tonight as our five star swimmers realized that they don’t get to warm up tomorrow morning in the pool. The thought of a dry day was a bot too much to handle.  Luckily they completed the meet in sensational form with pb’s everywhere. Connor  after claiming a bronze medal in the 100m Free this morning had much more to prove. As he missed winning a jacket by o.1sec. This left him with one more chance tonight to break 55sec. 54.4 seconds later he was sitting on the lane ropes throwing his arms into the air. As he imagined wearing his new jacket. The last competition left to be decided was the team points score. It came down to the last event. with the result completely dependent on Julia in the 200m butterfly. It would take at least a 3 second pb for her to secure the points score trophy. she stood up and delivered with a massive 3.8 second Pb. even the announcer was calling her name and he didn’t know about the challenge. This was a Herculean effort for the last night of the meet. The other great performances today were Hayley with a pb in her 100m free and Caleb achieving two pb’s in the 100 Free and 50m Back. His 29.6 in the 50m Backstroke was his first time under 30 seconds and secured a win in a jacket challenge.

The management of this team are very proud oftheir performances but are now very tyred and now is the thyme two say goodknight.

Competition Stadium

Day 5- Day three of swimming ………………..

The flat day turned into Mt Everest. Traditionally day three requires alot of effort to maintain motivation however the day started well with Caleb throwing down a very impressive Pb in the first event of the day. This was quickly followed by Connor grabbing a medal from lane 0. The standard was set for an unusual day three like no other. More impressive Pb’s were soon followed by Hayley and Julia. Then Connor grabbed his second bronze medal of the day in the 400  Freestyle.  We were on a high saying how could this get better and then the games began.

Julia had um tied for first reserve in the 50m freestyle and there was much debate as to whether a swim off was going to occur. The officials decided to run the swim off at the end of the program and the two young girls made their way to the starting blocks. Everyone in swimming loves a swim off…..and instead of the usual mad dash for the door most of the crowd stopped to watch the two girls race.   It was close at the turn but when the crowd realised they had touched the wall in another dead heat the loudest cheer of the week went to the girls. No one left the stadium as the girls had to proceed back to the blocks. Who was going to win the inaugural NZ skins championship????? It was the closest of races with Julia just being tipped on the post. The final result didn’t matter when you have just experienced something most people never see in a lifetime.

The day was not over yet. We visited the local shopping centre on the way home and Caleb thought he was producing the latest episode of NZ Cops when he filmed an unfortunate individual being chased by police across the car park. Who was to know that the same policeman would then put Michele on the breathaliser on the way home from the pool that night.

The other note worthy mention of the day was our teams public display of National Pride. Next time you are walking through a shopping centre with your children and they break into song by singing the Australian National Anthem – don’t worry they have experience.








Day 4 – Day two of swimming……

Medals PB’s and Medals. The most successful competition day ever for a NZ team. 100% Pb’s which included a GOLD and SILVER medal. Not only do we congratulate Kyanna in her gold in the 200IM and Hayley silver in her 100 back but the performance of the entire team was exceptional with every swim being a personal best.


Kyanna’s Gold Medal ceremony.

&  Hayley’s Silver medal ceremony.

Great Job Girls!












After a great day of swimming it was time to learn a little bit about NZ culture. We found a nature reserve nearby. With the swimmers having already completed their sheep license it was full steam ahead to try to round a up a few sheep for a cuddle….. To the girls distress they may be fast swimmers but they do not match the speed of a sheep being pursued by a bunch of swimmers.

During our explorations we came across the sign pictured above. We are not quite sure if it was in the paddock that we were going into or the one we just left? Don’t worry parents everyone came home.

A quick summing up of the team events:

Hayley & Kyanna have both been successful in winning head to head competitions which has left them as the proud owners of brand new NZSC  jackets.

After day two Connor has taken a commanding lead in the points competition with a four point lead over Julia and Kyanna and five point lead over Caleb and Hayley. The tactics will certainly have a major effect over the competition over the next three days.

After two days of competition the swimmers have achieved thirteen PB’s, only 12 more to go to win the dinner challenge! See tomorrow’s update for the next points score.






Day 3 – Day one of Swimming…. 5 PB’s, 3 top tens. A great first day for our team. It is nice to start the meet on a positive note. Nerves were controlled, marshalling with a different style understood and Dave showed fabulous skills in leading our swimmers to what we thought was a fabulous day one of swimming.

Connor and Julia are leading the point tally after some massive PB’s. Hayley had a tight victory winning by .05s to take home the NZSC team jumper for the day. The kids are well on the way to achieving the necessary results to win the dinner challenge.

The high light of the day was Connor’s 5 second PB in the 200 Freestyle. Not only did he make the 13/14yrs final for the event but he also swam 2 times in the same day that smashed his fathers best times for that age! Don’t worry Paul it will be 36 years before he can beat your current times:) Better keep swimming.


New facility still working on pathways to front door!

New facility still working on pathways to front door!



We have explored………



High Performance

Day 2 after a morning training and a visit to the NZ High Performance centre it was off to Auckland for some exploration. The team discovered this Saturdays All Black’s try  outs but thankfully parents your children were unsuccessful (above)

After the completion of many tasks the team found themselves at Sky Tower for a birds eye view of the city.


It was then home for dinner, team meeting and an early night ready for day one of racing tomorrow.





NZ – We have arrived

8 happy faces walked off the plane ready to show some New Zealanders how to swim. It was sad to see that NZ was in mourning due to an unlikely Bledisloe cup result and then Michele learned of the rugby result which the left only seven in great spirits.

We arrived at our accommodation overlooking the beach and after walking on the heated floor tiles, thought to ourselves ‘this is not like other NZ trips’. The general consensus among the team was feeling of excitement. While the food shopping was happening , the kids took the opportunity to explore the beach. A quick game of beach cricket started and a few of the girls thought they might even get a call up to the ashes tour (couldn’t do any worse than the current team).Hayley trying out for the Ashes Team!


A quiet night was had by all with a fierce game of Monopoly. (pity Connor didn’t fully understand the concept of playing by the rules). A nice meal sponsored by thermomix and sleep in tomorrow will have the kids champing at the bit to take on the kiwis in the coming days.

Keep tuned for updates as they happen each day.

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NZ 2015

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