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2015 – Open Day with Christian Sprenger

Sunday 13th September  9am to 3pm      What an awesome day we had!


Sarah meeting Christian

nice talk (2)

smiling Christian

Christian talking with all the swimmers

Man he's an Olympian!

Swimmer getting to race Christian

Christian & Amelia riding segways thank to Segue Bundy


Special Guest Olympian & World Record Holder  – Christian Sprenger   Christian Sprenger

Speedo Sale: 9:00am to 3:00pm  30—50% off all Speedo swimwear

Sausage Sizzle: 10am to 1pm

Meet Christian Sprenger:  10.15am—11:00am

Mini Maccas Swim Meet: 11:00am—12 noon – register at kiosk

Get an item signed by Christian:  12noon to 1pm – bring your hat and waterbottle

Fairymead Sign On:  9am to 1.30pm – (bring your get started voucher)

Elliott Heads SLSC Sign on:  9am to 11:00am

Bundaberg SLSC  Sign on:  11.30am to 1:00pm