How do we enter BSA?

Through the front door, you will be existing via the back gate. We are now required to have an entry and exist points.

DO I still check in at the kiosk?

Yes, we need to confirm who has brought your child into the lesson. We are required to keep details on every person attending the facility.

How can I pay?

Cashless is the preference, direct debit will be starting Thursday 18th of June. We have EFTPOS facilities available but cash can be used if no alternative available (we have plenty of hand santiser available)

Where can I wash or sanitise my hands?

Hand washing facilities are in the bathrooms and hand sanitiser at various stations around the complex.

Can I use the change rooms and showers?

Yes but we request these are to be kept to a minimum and showers are only for a quick rinse off. Toilet facilities will remain open.

Can I watch my child swim?

Yes, we would prefer this be limited to one person attending a lesson. We are limited with how many adults can be on pool deck. We must maintain 1.5m between adults and 4m2 for adults on pool deck. At times staff may request you to sit in a different area such out the kiosk area or outside the windows so that you can see view the lesson but we can maintain social distancing. Please be guided by our staff on where you may sit and please be respectful of staff if they ask you to move. This is probably the most important areas you can help us to follow these new requirements.

What industry plan are you following?

Swimming Pool and Aquatic Centre Industry COVIDSafe Plan

Will our lessons be the same?

Our lessons will be very similar. But you will see some minor changes, for example, we cannot share toys among children, they will be single use and sanitised after use. All squads children will need to bring their own equipment.

I've heard you have a new app?

Yes, you can access the portal online or via an app (Play Store / Apple App Store). The old app will be deactivated soon so please update your details. To log in the first time, enter 'Bundaberg Swimming Academy' as account. Then enter the email address we have on file for you. Then select forget password and it will email you a code to reset your password.

Squads are not uploaded at this stage, but they will appear soon.

Can we still buy coffee?

Yes, it's up and running but only take away cups .