Water Safety

Learn to Swim

Bundaberg Swimming Academy is a specialist Learn to Swim centre that offers lessons Monday to Sunday each week. Our purpose built facility and our Aquabubs, Aquatots and Learn to swim programs are designed to encourage babies and children to enjoy their lessons and parents to gain knowledge from our program.

Our various squads and club nights compliment our programs and offer many opportunities to developing swimmers and their families.

The Queensland climate allows us to interact socially and recreationally with a wide range of water sports from swimming through to fishing. Anything that is performed in or around water has the potential to be dangerous if we cannot swim or have not been taught aquatic survival skills. Giving your child swimming lessons will help them develop socially, physically and give them a skill they will have for the rest of their life.

For the benefit of your child we recommend they attend at least 2 classes per week. All classes are of a ½ hour duration and children should arrive 10 minutes early, enabling classes to commence on time. However, the children are not to enter the water unless instructed by their teacher. We wish to eliminate from your mind the drown proof, as no matter how competent the child or adult is, past history has shown to us that even the best swimmers can drown.

Payments can be made weekly and second or more lessons in the week are heavily discounted. Make up lessons apply and are valid for 6 months.


The baby classes are divided into 3 groups – 6 to 18 months, 18 months to 3 years and an advanced group of 2 – 3 years. In these classes we are aiming for water confidence, breath control, mobility in the water and basic survival skills. Classes are a fun ½ hour with water games, and songs to make the lesson enjoyable for everyone – 7 in a class with apparent in the pool

WHAT SHOULD THEY WEAR? Children – Clothing should be lightweight and comfortable. It should have a firm fit around the legs to avoid unwanted “accidents” in the water. Nappies designed for swimming are also appropriate for lessons. Please note regular nappies should not be worn in the water. These products absorb large amounts of water and affect the feeling of floating. Parents: – T shirts are recommended for parents to provide aqua babies with something to hold onto.

LEARN TO SWIM In these classes we start teaching children to swim from the age of approximately 3 yrs depending upon the individual development of the child. Classes are available mornings and after school including Saturday morning. We will place your child in one of the following groups.

Level 2 – this is a beginner’s class for ages 3 and up. We teach your child to submerge happily, blow bubbles, kick and float on front and back, survival skills are taught. 4 in a class. Teacher only in pool.

Level 2+ – More advanced and confident children are placed in this group. Freestyle arms are being introduced and breathing as a sub skill. When your child obtains their water confidence certificate they will move to level 3. 4 in a class. Teacher only in Pool.

Level 3 – We are now working on arm and leg co-ordination and basic breathing to the side basic back stroke, as well as more survival skills. When your child has obtained a 12m swimming certificate they will progress to level 4. 5 in a class. Teacher only in Pool.

Level 4 – more advanced breathing, survival skills and diving. Your child may learn sub skills for other strokes and will move to level 5 when they obtain their 25m certificate. 5 in a class. Teacher only in Pool.

Level 5 – stroke development. All 4 strokes are taught in this group as well as technique drills, correct starts and turns. 50m Certificates can be obtained for each stroke. When your child has obtained 2 x 50m certificates and has a good knowledge of the other 2 strokes they are ready to start squad training and move to level 6. 8 in a class. Teacher on Pool Deck.

Always supervise your child when in or around water!